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Tarot Card Reading is a miraculous way of finding solution to every problem, be it finance, relationship, career, spirituality or any other area of your life...
Book a session with us or send us details online. We shall get back to you soon.

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Tarot Cards

Amazing tools for Fortune telling, Divination and Self development. Tarot Card Reading is a science that helps by making right choices in life. Its mirror of your life at any given moment.

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Our Classes

Wanting to have intimate knowledge of Tarot ? At Healing Circle, Tarot Classes are organized on one to one basis and in groups also. Unveil the mysteries of Tarot...

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Distant/ Online Learning

If you have deep desire to learn Tarot but due to reasons only known to you, coming to learn is not possible, you can gain insight into mysteries of Tarot with our Distance Learning Course.

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Tarot Reading-Basic and Advanced

This workshop covers the complete art of Reading Tarot Cards. It includes - The structure of the car

Start Time: 11:00 , Start Date: 10/29/2013 Location: New Delhi, Vikas Puri

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About Healing Circle

Started with the vision of helping everyone improving the quality of life, Healing Circle is moving in this direction every moment with the constant endeavour of everyone who crosses our path. Lets move together in this direction...

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Card of the Week (11th Nov – 17th Nov)

7 of Wands – There is no shortcut to hard work. Without giving our best, we can't get the best. Hard work is the key to success this week. Without working towards goal, results will be below expectations...

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Tarot Reading, Learning Classes and Workshops

We organize regular tarot reading sessions and classes at Vikas Puri, Defense Colony,Panipat and Chandigarh. Online telephonic sessions are also available with prior appointment. Just one call, sms or email can give you divine guidance.

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