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From being a good student to not well settled professionally, from changing many professions to being a healer, my journey has been incredulous. Despite putting years of hard work into my professional life, I was not satisfied. I used to be restless as if I was craving to be connected with something deeper, something that could satisfy the quest of my soul and then destiny revealed it’s plans & I landed up learning Reiki.

The moment I entered into healing world, everything seemed to happen magically & effortlessly. It was as if mystic world was calling out for me since long. Since then learning has been a continuous process for me. From Reiki to Tarot to Numerology to Switchwords to Bach to Handwriting, my quest has only grown deeper and deeper.

Today I know that my purpose is to heal as many people as I can. I thank God for choosing me to become a beautiful channel of healing & letting people reach me to transform their lives.

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Technically speaking, a deck of few cards to read future, but Tarot is actually the mirror of your life. It gives amazing revelations about your past, present and future, about your career, love life, relationship, finances and health. Nothing is hidden from the Deck of Tarot Cards. A very high form of Divination, through Tarot Card Reading, cards automatically connect with the energies of the person for whom we do the reading.

Your best guides to look into deeper issues of life at any point of time. So if you are looking for genuine solutions, go in for a Tarot Reading Session.

Personal Reading Session

If you are looking for a personal Tarot Reading Session for guidance, we are just a message away. Book your appointment with us and visit in person. In Tarot Reading, the reader is only a medium who channels the energies of the Divine. Don’t wait and receive Divine Guidance.

Online Reading Session

If you can’t visit us personally, but are desperately looking for some answers, we can read cards for you from distance as well. You can call us, write us, whatapp us or use skype to connect. Online session is as good as Personal Session.

Tarot Reading Classes/Workshops

Learning Tarot Card is not only fun but it’s about getting face to face with the realities of life which we either ignore or don’t know at the conscious level. It uncovers the veils of illusion and shows you the mirror of your life. Tarot Card Reading can be learned for professional purposes as well as for self evolution. You can opt for personal classes or you can even learn sitting at home. Contact for more details.

Tarot Decks for Learning

We, at Healing Circle help to acquaint with following decks of Tarot Cards

• Universal Rider Waite Tarot Cards
• Osho Zen Cards
• Healing with the Angels

Know your likely week and Next Year 2018
Weekly and Yearly Prediction

Ongoing Sessions

You can book your Online/Offline Reading session with us. Some are more comfortable visiting personally but for others it’s not even an option.

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Ongoing Sessions

Your problems are deep, thus you are looking for a coach who can help you choosing the road you should take. We offer Consultations in all areas of

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Ongoing Sessions

Learning to Read Cards is on the list for long but still confused? Whether the Higher Purpose is to help near and dear ones, friends and family or

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Ongoing Sessions

Every event of your life is inside the cards. It's very mystical. Learn to reveal those mysteries.

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Don’t suffer in Isolation. We are here to hold your hand.
Book a Tarot Reading Session for Highest Divine Guidance