Healing with the Angels Deck

Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards were created by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D. , a psychotherapist who works with the angelic realm. Angel cards help you in receiving guidance of angels in all areas of life.

We have stages in life starting from the time we are born till we die. People have misconception thinking that we come alone in the world and will die alone but is this true? No, because ANGELS are always there with us throughout our life.

ANGELS are channel between GOD and the human beings on earth. They are our companion and guide that help us to solve any possible problem in life. They are also the messengers of GOD who help us in receiving angelic and divine messages.

ANGEL CARDS are a fun and a positive way to connect with the guidance, love and support of your angels. These cards help us in receiving solution to the problem relating to money, health, family, relationship or business. These cards are quite simple and easy to understand being a deck of 44 cards. Through these cards you can call upon your angels to surround and connect with you. You are somewhere in the protection of your angels and can easily feel their presence by awareness and then you see how the help you miraculously. So believe in yourself and believe in your angels as they will always be ready to guide and protect you whenever asked for.

Come and experience the secret of communicating, healing, reading with the angels by the means of angel cards. You can book an Angel Card Reading session with us if  you are seeking guidance of your angels. If you want to know more about angels, how they help and heal you and how they guide you through Angel Cards, you can learn the art of reading Angel Cards. Classes are organized at regular intervals at our West Delhi and South Delhi Center.

I have taken Tarot Card Readings from Beenu many times when I felt stuck in my career and it proved to be a blessing as it helped me heal those part of my personalities which were stopping me from growing and achieving promotions due to my subconscious fears. I thank her from the core of my heart...
Monika Dhawan, Business Development Manager, AEC Technologies
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