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Learn Osho Zen Cards

Osho Zen Cards РThe Transcendental Game of Zen

Every event of your life is inside the cards. It’s very mystical. Learn to reveal those mysteries.

It’s said about Osho that he never repeated any single statement ever in his discourses. His Philosophy is closely related to Zen i.e. Buddhists Masters. Forhimevery moment of life was a meditation. Before leaving this Earthly abode, he gifted a deck of 79 Cards to understand life.

Tarot is a tool for Fortune Telling. It is the study of your life. Learning to read Tarot Cards lets you understand yours life better. You can learn to see past, present and future more clearly. It is the mirror of your life at any given moment and reflects your thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires and dreams. It is a divine tool that helps you to find out what can be done, and how to do it.

Class will cover:

~~ Attunement with the cards

~~ Detailed description of all 79 cards

~~ Reading for self and others

~~ Finding solutions to all problems

~~ Spreads and layouts

~~ Meditations

~~ Integrating the energies of the cards

~~ Self healing and healing others

~~ Knowing likely future

~~ Decision making

~~ Defining goals

~~ Finding lost objects

~~ Finding missing people

~~ Calculating best time

~~ Knowing year by year prediction

~~ Improving wealth, relationships, career, health and issues pertaining to life

~~ Finding answers to all your queries

~~ and finally Remedies ….

Read Cards for :

~~ Stress, Anxiety, Depression

~~ Insomina

~~ Financial issues

~~ Relationship problems

~~ Career

~~ Health problems

and much more…¬†

You will get:
~~ A Guidebook

~~ Practical knowledge of reading the cards

~~ Certificate

~~ and most importantly power to change your life


Defence Colony, New Delhi

Ongoing Sessions, New Delhi, India.