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Learning and Reading with Osho Zen Cards

Osho Zen Tarot Cards – published in 22 languages, is becoming popular everyday. This deck focuses more on present moment. A deck based on the wisdom of zen – works on the philosophy that our outer world is the manifestation of inner thoughts and feelings. Readings with Osho Zen Cards aid in achieving enlightenment by finding what is going on in our inner world.

Readings with Osho Zen Tarot Cards –

Osho was a mystic who transformed millions of ife. This deck was designed by Deva Padma, an American-born artist. Artwork was completed within 4 years. osho’s teachings reflect in this deck of cards. Images are really deep and more meaningful. Readings with Osho Zen Tarot Cards give a better understanding of life’s events from a very higher perspective. We, at Healing Circle, invite you to book your sessions for Reading with Osho Zen Cards, Delhi and South Delhi.

Osho Zen Tarot Card Learning –

Experience of Learning Osho Zen Tarot Cards is completely different. Osho Zen cards help you understand the deeper forces working in the situations. YOu can learn Osho
Zen cards with us. We organize Osho Zen Tarot Teaching classes and workhops at regular intervals. FOllowing topics are covered –

  • Origin of Tarot
  • Interpretation of each of the 79 Cards
  • Elements associated with the cards
  • Breathing Techniques and Meditation
  • Various spreads and for reading the Cards

We invite you to begin your journey with Osho Zen.

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