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Tarot Card Reading
Tarot Card Reading with Remedies for – solutions

  • Health, wealth and family
  • Resolving conflicts with anyone
  • Finding missing persons and objects
  • Future guidance
  • Past and present
  • Making choices between 2-3 jobs
  • Choosing between marriage proposals
  • Finding root cause of any problem
  • Changing life situations for betterment
  • Finding best field in education
  • and many more …

Tarot is a deck of cards having rich history of hundreds of years. Tarot was originated over 500 years ago in northern Italy. It was first used in games and was soon adopted as a tool for divination. Today, Tarot Cards are for most popular tool for fortune-telling.

Life is really unpredictable. At any point of time, we can just see a part of the whole picture. With the help of Tarot Card Reading we can see the complete picture and find out the direction in which our life is taking us. Tarot Reading helps us taking decisions about any aspect of our lives by offering us guidance of our possible future of that particular aspect. According to Tarot Cards, our future is just the reflection of our thoughts, beliefs stored into our subconscious mind at present. It not only shows us the energy of the concerned person at that moment but also helps to transform those very thoughts / beliefs into positive ones in order to have a better & brighter future. At any given point of time we have a choice in life. If we don’t like the outcome of the Tarot Reading, we can change path and move into a different direction.

Tarot Reading can address any aspect of life be it money, relationship, career, marriage, health, emotions and even spirituality. Though there is nothing with which a Tarot Card Reading can’t help, it helps in seeing various choices available at any given point of time. It helps in solving problems, defining goals, understanding past and present thus creating future of your choice. It’s really difficult to describe with limited words, the unlimited potential which is there in cards.

To conclude we can just say that a Tarot Card Reading can do wonders for you and change the course of your life. So, come and experience the secret of communicating, healing and reading with Tarot Card Reading in Delhi and Panipat personally and anywhere in India and around the globe online.



Don't Suffer
In Isolation
Find Root Issue
Behind Problems
Seek Higher
Divine Guidance
Awaken To
Your Own Truth

Personal Reading Session

If you are looking for a personal Tarot Reading Session for guidance, we are just a message away. Book your appointment with us and visit in person. In Tarot Reading, the reader is only a medium who channels the energies of the Divine. Don’t wait and receive Divine Guidance.

Online Reading Session

If you can’t visit us personally, but are desperately looking for some answers, we can read cards for you from distance as well. You can call us, write us, whatapp us or use skype to connect. Online session is as good as Personal Session.

Tarot Reading Classes/Workshops

Learning Tarot Card is not only fun but it’s about getting face to face with the realities of life which we either ignore or don’t know at the conscious level. It uncovers the veils of illusion and shows you the mirror of your life. Tarot Card Reading can be learned for professional purposes as well as for self evolution. You can opt for personal classes or you can even learn sitting at home. Contact for more details.

Tarot Decks for Learning

We, at Healing Circle help to acquaint with following decks of Tarot Cards

• Universal Rider Waite Tarot Cards
• Osho Zen Cards
• Healing with the Angels


I first got a Tarot reading done by Ms Beenu Grover in Feb 2013, I was amazed by the accuracy of the reading and got all my answers in one session . Ever since, whenever I have any issues be it financial, emotional or professional, I reach out to her n her readings guide me […]

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Usually, we all as Tarot Readers feel that when it comes to reading for self, we manipulate the reading or reading is always biased. So, here’s a simple tip for all of you. Hold cards in your hands, close your eyes and pray to your cards –

“I thank you for helping me always. You are the best guide ever. I trust you and I love you. Don’t show me what I want to see. Just show me the truth and whatever is there in my best and highest Interest. Thank you.”

Open your eyes and begin reading. Trust your cards and follow the guidance.