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Tarot Card Reading Classes

Tarot Card Reading Classes

Tarot Classes and workshops in Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi, Panipat and India

Learning Tarot is an amazing experience. Learn Tarot for – 

  • Self evolution
  • Self reading and reading for others
  • Self healing and healing others
  • Solving problems
  • Knowing likely future
  • Decision making
  • Defining goals
  • Finding lost objects
  • Finding missing people
  • Calculating best time
  • Knowing year by year prediction
  • Improving wealth, relationships, career, health and issues pertaining to life
  • Finally finding answers to all your queries…..

Study of Tarot is study of your life. Learning to read Tarot Cards let you understand yourself better. Tarot is a tool through which you can learn to see past, present and future more clearly. It is the mirror of your life at any given moment and reflects your thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires and dreams. It is divination tool that helps you to find out what can be done, and how to do it.

Before you begin to learn Tarot or join tarot classes or workshops, it would be really helpful if you know the purpose of your learning. With learning to read cards, you can tap your inner resources. In Tarot Classes, you can learn the magical system of divination. It helps not only in understanding yourself and life but you can predict future also. Tarot contains occult information which is hidden from our conscious mind. By learning to interpret cards, you can find the patterns of energies in your life and thus can deal with any life situation with ease. It’s not about rote learning but developing a personal connection with each card to receive messages from divine directly.

Learning to read tarot cards can help you understand this fantastic journey called life from a very higher perspective. So, come and experience the whole new process of learning cards and find solution to all your problems whether it is related to money, health, relationship, family, job, investment or marriage. Join our Tarot classes and workshops to learn tarot card reading and allow us to be a channel in your life to share the wisdom, knowledge and secrets of the cards.

We organize Tarot Classes and Workshops on one to one basis and in groups also. Learning Tarot is fun ! So, Unveil the mystery of Tarot….


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Don't Suffer
In Isolation
Find Root Issue
Behind Problems
Seek Higher
Divine Guidance
Awaken To
Your Own Truth

Personal Reading Session

If you are looking for a personal Tarot Reading Session for guidance, we are just a message away. Book your appointment with us and visit in person. In Tarot Reading, the reader is only a medium who channels the energies of the Divine. Don’t wait and receive Divine Guidance.

Online Reading Session

If you can’t visit us personally, but are desperately looking for some answers, we can read cards for you from distance as well. You can call us, write us, whatapp us or use skype to connect. Online session is as good as Personal Session.

Tarot Reading Classes/Workshops

Learning Tarot Card is not only fun but it’s about getting face to face with the realities of life which we either ignore or don’t know at the conscious level. It uncovers the veils of illusion and shows you the mirror of your life. Tarot Card Reading can be learned for professional purposes as well as for self evolution. You can opt for personal classes or you can even learn sitting at home. Contact for more details.

Tarot Decks for Learning

We, at Healing Circle help to acquaint with following decks of Tarot Cards

• Universal Rider Waite Tarot Cards
• Osho Zen Cards
• Healing with the Angels


I first got a Tarot reading done by Ms Beenu Grover in Feb 2013, I was amazed by the accuracy of the reading and got all my answers in one session . Ever since, whenever I have any issues be it financial, emotional or professional, I reach out to her n her readings guide me […]

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Usually, we all as Tarot Readers feel that when it comes to reading for self, we manipulate the reading or reading is always biased. So, here’s a simple tip for all of you. Hold cards in your hands, close your eyes and pray to your cards –

“I thank you for helping me always. You are the best guide ever. I trust you and I love you. Don’t show me what I want to see. Just show me the truth and whatever is there in my best and highest Interest. Thank you.”

Open your eyes and begin reading. Trust your cards and follow the guidance.