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Few years ago very limited Tarot decks were available for Tarot Reading. But today there are thousands of different decks available. Rider- Waite is the oldest and one of the most popular decks. Each deck has its own energy and the one that talks to you is for you. Rider Waite is a good deck to begin with but as you move ahead in your journey, you might want to connect with more than one deck. If you would like to learn one or more of the following decks, we invite you to our circle.


The most popular tarot deck in use today, Rider-Waite Tarot is a classical tarot deck. Most people begin their journey with Rider-Waite tarot deck. It is a deck of 78 cards including 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. This deck was commissioned by Arthur Edward Waite and drawn by Pamela Colman Smith. Want to know in detail about them ? Read on…


Osho Zen Tarot – The Transcendental Game of Zen – is a non-traditional deck of 79 cards. This deck is based on the teaching of Osho and artwork was created by Ma Devi Padma in 1975. Based on the wisdom of Zen, there are many changes in this deck. One extra Master Card was added to suit the zen theme. For more details click here…..


Healing with the Angels oracle deck is one of the many decks from Doreen Virtue. AngelCards are a fun and a positive way to connect with the guidance, love and support of your angels. These cards help us in receiving solution to the problem relating to money, health, family, relationship or business. These cards are quite simple and easy to understand being a deck of 44 cards. More about them….


These cards are modern reinterpretation of Mlle. Lenormand’s Fortune Telling Cards. Mlle. Lenormand  was thought to have read for Napoleon. She counseled Napoleon being his clairvoyant; not to divorce Josephine and marry Marie Louise of Austria as it would bring no luck at all but Napoleon did not listen to her and the outcome was disastrous. Easy to learn and read for self and others, these cards are very simple. Reading these cards is really easy as they are just 36 in number. Find out more