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Ten Things You Want to Know About Tarot

Tarot – A Divination Tool for guidance – is much more than just a set of cards. Let’s find out 10 important things about Tarot Cards.

1. Tarot – A reflection of your life – Tarot Cards simply reflect what is going on in your life, we may not recognize but cards never lie.

2. Manifestation Tool – Cards not only talk about your life i.e past, present and future but they help you to create missing energies in your life.

3. How do they work – We have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind and a super-conscious. Our subconscious mind records all information about our life and super-conscious mind holds information about every being present in this Universe.  Cards connect with our Subconscious mind and then from our Sub-Conscious energies they pull the information through Super-Conscious mind and bring back information which our Conscious mind delivers.

4. Cards don’t lie – Tarot cards give you  the guidance most appropriate for the moment. Sometimes we are not able to decode but cards usually never lie.

5. Cards can be used as Charm – You can carry Tarot Card as a lucky charm to manifest the energy of card in your life.

6. Sleeping with the card – You can keep the card under your pillow and sleep on it. Again, you can feel the energies automatically start entering your life.

7. Card of the Day – Draw a card daily and let it speak to you. Start talking to the images, listen to the messages and find new insights.

8. Go deeper with each card – As we are multi personalities so are the cards. Each card carries many messages. Associate 3 keywords with each card to begin with for easy remembrance and keep adding your meanings

9. Cards are not negative – There are no negative cards. All the cards which we feel carry negative energy are transformational cards. They carry messages to bring change in life.

10. Be the card – Once you can relate to every event of your life with one or another card, you become the Card. That is the peak of knowing each card and manifesting the energy.

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